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About Us


Who We Are

 I am a long time hobbyist who recently started a business in order to provide quality plants for anyone looking for someone honest and knowledgeable to do business with. 


Where (Then)

 All plants are grown/kept inside of my greenhouse, lighting is natural sunlight nothing fancy! 


Where (Now)

We have grown out of the greenhouse into a larger area to allow us to offer a even larger assortment of quality plants still at GREAT prices!




My previous customers have chosen to do business with me in the future due to a few key qualities:

1.) I am an honest business man who is willing to help provide knowledge

2.) I am committed to the hobby and ensuring top notch customer service 

3.)  I strive to deliver the best possible experience when purchasing aquatic plants online


Real Reviews, Real people!


 Real customer Testimonials

  •  The moss is fantastic! Its lush and vibrant green. And the amount I got is terrific. You packaged it very well for it coming into Minnesota with negative temperatures this week. My fish and shrimp are loving it already! I'll defiantly be ordering more when it come in stock again. Thank you                                                                               M .Putnam (1-24-2019)

  •  Very knowledgeable and WILLING to help. Great prices and Cody's a honest, friendly guy. I'll be a repeat customer.                                                                     S.Soonier (1-18-2019)

  •  Cody went above and beyond to make sure my shipment went out correctly when I screwed up my order when I forgot to order a heat pack. I am new to this and he was patient and answered all my questions. I’m looking forward to getting my plants in the mail! Thanks Cody!’                                                                                             L. Yanome (1-14-2019)

  •  Had a great experience, Cody was able lead me in the direction of plants I was looking for and gave me some spectacular quality plants and hardscape.      B.Smart (1-13-2019)

  •  I had been searching for these for awhile and Cody was super helpful and replied quickly! Plants came neatly packaged, secure and healthy. Will order from him again!                                                                                                                                             K. Goins (1-10-2019)

  •  Cody was willing to answer all of my questions and sent wonderful quality/quantity of plants for the price. A+++                                                                                  A.Hunsinger (12-21-2018)


  • Great communication, excellent packaging, and just an all around positive experience! I'm planning to buy from Cody again! Probably in spring, when my weather allows. Really pleased with the plants - all arrived healthy and robust. Very happy with my purchase.                                                                                                          J.Snellman (10-26-2018)

  • I just received my plants and they are beautiful! Looking forward to placing more orders with him.                                                                                                                          K. Anthony (10-12-2018)

  •  Great place to buy plants! Great prices, fast shipping and beautiful plants! ❤️          E. Smith (10-4-2018)


  • After placing an initial order, I contacted Cody directly to inquire about an additional purchase. He was quick to respond and incredibly helpful. My plants arrived in MUCH better condition than I anticipated they would, considering the heat, and it was his packaging that made the difference. After some recent bad experiences with other well-known, larger suppliers, I'll stick with the Cody's of the world.                                                                                                                                             S.  Schuchard ( 7-12-2018)


  •  I purchased a few new plants to start my tank a week ago. It surprised me that the plants I received were in such amazing shape. Great color and great condition. The plants all had nice root growth. I had to ask a lot of questions because of my newness. Cody was very helpful and informative and patient. I am looking forward to more business with him. A+++++ business                                                                         J. Stewart (4-5-2018)


  •  I'm very happy with my experience with Cody. He was very responsive and helped me pick plants that would work best with my tank setup. His prices are reasonable. I even got my plants a day early! The plants came in generous quantities and they seem very healthy. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with. I look forward to purchasing from him again on the best future.                                                      B. Buran (4-4-2018)

  •  Cody is the first and only person I've bought such lovely variety of plants from! I couldn't resist getting more, thus my prompt second purchase a week later! If you're looking for high quality plants, then Cody is the guy to go to! Nice choices to choose from, and they all came perfectly and carefully packaged. He's even been so kind as to help with anything plant related! Many more purchased in the future on my end!                                                                                                                                         A. Gilmore (3-16-2018)

  •  Cody provides great customer service! He is very helpful and keeps you updated about your order. The plants I have received have been great! Everything was packaged well. Definitely will be purchasing from Cody in the future!                        N. Chavarria (3-5-2018)

  • Cody took the time to make sure that I was getting the correct plants for my needs. Plants were shipped quickly and arrived safely. They were packaged perfectly! Great plants and excellent customer service!                                                                      H. Nielsen  ( 2-2-2018)

  • Cody has helped me so much on getting my planted tank up and looking great. He has even been up at 2 and 3 in the morning answering every one of my questions via email. I've never meet Cody but he made sure I knew what I was doing and ordering the right plants for my setup instead of trying to sell me his most expensive plants. He even followed up with me a week later to see how things are going. The plants I received where in excellent shape and arrived a day before the delivery date. So far it's been an A++ experience dealing with Cody.                             C. Jordan ( 12-6-2017)

  •  Look, if you want some sweet, healthy, awesome plants. Buy from this dude. I got above and beyond the service. Great healthy plants and great prices                          E. Dyson (10-26-2017)

  • Cody is awesome and helped me pick some plants that my goldfish wouldn't destroy with my frogbit order. usps dropped the ball and delayed my plants by 2 days but he stayed on top of it with me and when they arrived were still great!        S. Thompson (9-10-2017)

  • Excellent plants and excellent service!!! Cody went above and beyond picking me out some nice plants, and kept me updated all along on my order. The frogbit is gorgeous, and the goldfish like it so much i'm going to have to order more! :) nice plants, great prices and service                                                                                              T.Stampke  (10-2-2017)

  • Cody was great helping me out with my order, all plants came to me looking great, i was very happy with his service and would recommend to friends and family          D. Devos    (8-17-2017)

  •  I was nervous about ordering plants from someone I didn't know, but Cody worked hard to make sure I was getting the plants I wanted even though my order was small. He was polite and shipped quickly and carefully and my plants arrived in perfect shape. I highly recommend him.                                                                               S. Quarles ( 8-10-2017)

  •  Great experience! I got Water Sprite, Frogbit, & Reineckii from Cody, He's very knowledgeable & personable. The plants were very healthy & had bright colors, green & red. The plants settled easily into my tanks, & have grown very well, spreading out quickly & naturally. They look terrific & my fish love the shelter. I'm very happy & will definitely buy more from Cody in the future.                                      S. O'White  (8-5-2017)

Contact Us

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Contact and Special Requests

 For any questions or comments along with special order requests just shoot us a message! Thank you for supporting small business and have a great day! 

Cody's Planted Pond

2311 W Cone Blvd suite 230, Greensboro, NC 27408

(336) 413-3900